Its a usb business card and its a usb storage device and its the most effective and economical promotional item that your company will ever use.The latest in portable storage ...customised promotional usb memory stick

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the next wave in marketing in Australia

A usb business card that people will not lose or throw away.
A usb business card that people actually want to keep.
A usb business card that is useful to your clients.
A usb business card that creates branding awareness.

Not just a pendrive...
Not just a usb business card...

Not just a usb storage device... It is all this rolled in to one convenient size. The market leader in usb business cards.

USB Datacards ... A fully australian owned and run company. The origional usb business card supplier.

credit card usb
usb credit card storage
credit card usb storage
Credit card usb
  • Have you ever wondered why we always lose USB storage flash drives yet we seem to be able to hang on to our credit cards and bank cards and drivers licence for years without losing them?
  • So what does this tell you ....If it is useful and it makes its way into your stays.
  • Usb memory card Datacards are extremely useful for carrying,copying and transporting information. They are the perfect piece of marketing material.It is a USB storage device that works for you.Its a business card and a pendrive and being the same size as a credit card it fits in your wallet
  • So forget brochures and printouts....Put information for your clients onto a USB Datacard and they will always have your contact details close at hand.(Plus you save on printing costs)


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I remember a time when people used to carry around floppy discs in briefcases to transfer data and files nowadays we have gone past floppy discs to cd's and dvd's to transfer data but these are extremely voatile and are damaged very easily ...

The next thing that came out was the usb memory stick...great idea ...small in size and big enough to hold large files. Problem is they get lost or go through the washer.

SO .....what if we could get a usb memory chip ...and put it into something the size of a credit card so it fits in a wallet and then put your branding on both sides of it...its small.... but not so small as it gets lost ...........its flat so it fits in a wallet.........its useful as it can store from 1 to 32 gig ....and its affordable... and the biggest bonus is people are looking at your branding and contact details every time they use it.

usb storage device

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